Attract Repeat Business

Loyalty Programs

App Wizard templates include amazing Loyalty and Reward features to encourage repeat business.

Customer loyalty programs are a proven marketing strategy which can benefit a wide range of business types.

Using our Loyalty pages, businesses can offer discounts or rewards based on customer loyalty and purchasing patterns.

The criteria and reward offer can be customised to suit (e.g. get 10% off your next visit, or get your 5th coffee free, or get a free upgrade on your 3rd purchase etc.) - whatever works for you!

Customers increasingly want more for less - our App loyalty pages are a great way to create an ongoing relationship with your customers and deliver value for money.

Location-Based Messaging

App Wizard includes proximity-based geo-fencing features to notify App-users about your business.

Businesses can set-up geographic boundaries around specific locations such as offices or retail outlets.

When an App-user enters the geo-fenced area, a notifcation messsage will be automatically sent to their device. This is a great way to let customers know your business is located nearby.

Geo-fencing can stimulate spontaneous purchases and create coincidental sales from loyal customers who prefer your products or services.

When combined with a Loyalty Page, these great features attract & retain ongoing patronage.

Better than a Business Card

Apps offer many benefits over and above traditional business cards, which are usually discarded or lost, not to mention the expense.

Nearly everyone has a smartphone in their pocket these days, so imagine the potential worldwide reach and the portability of having your own App.

Apps provide a simple way for customers to contact your business, purchase your products,     or use your services, over and over again.

Mobile App technology delivers instant accessibility and perpetuality. Once a customer has downloaded your App, it's likely they'll use it again the next time they have a similar requirement.

Here are some Quick Facts to consider:

  • In 2015 there were 15 million smartphones in use in Australia (almost 80% of the population).

  • Over 5 million smartphones were old to consumers in Australia in the last 12 months (May 2016).

  • By 2020, there will be over 6.1 billion smartphones in worldwide circulation.

  • The projected number of total App downloads for 2017 is over 268 billion.

  • 79% smartphone users utilse their device to assist decision-making.

  • Smartphone users prefer to use Apps to locate and engage with businesses, than internet search engines.

Don't Fall Behind

In today's age, more people have a smartphone than a personal computer. This means it's more important for a business to have its own App,   than its own website!

Apps connect customers to businesses every day. Apps are here to stay, so don't fall behind - make sure you remain competitive in the digital marketplace.

More Quick Facts.....

  • On average, people check their mobile device every 6 minutes.

  • Collectively Australians look at their smartphones more than 440 million times a day.

  • More than half the population check their smartphone within 15 minutes of waking.

  • Australians aged 18-24 check their smartphone on average 56 times a day.

  • People use mobile Apps 6 times more than websites.

  • The average time spent using mobile Apps increased by 21% from 2014 to 2015.

With App Wizard your business can have its own App at minimal cost and compete with the big guys, so what are you waiting for? Sign-up now!